Bishop Eric A. Lambert, Jr.
Bethel Deliverance International Church

This book will cause you to have a range of emotional releases and even bring about a smile as you read about the experiences of Maria.

Kahylee C.

I have had the awesome pleasure of reading The King and I. There are so many reasons why all ladies should read this Book. It tugs at my heartstrings it challenges me to want to obey and listen to what the Lord has in store for me. I am coming away from reading this book wanting to have a closer relationship with God and to encourage others to have one as well.

Lisa Maki,
Professional Writing & Consulting

I am privileged to be the editor of Maria’s first book. I believe this is the first of many books that will inspire women, and even men. As an editor, it is not easy editing when you are so caught up with a story. I had to read and re-read because I kept forgetting that I was editing and not simply reading. It was hard not to get carried away with something so real and so vulnerable. Her story touched the innermost part of my heart, making me feel like I was there with her. One of the greatest realizations I’ve had from reading the “King and I” is how God gives everyone the chance to know Him, and how He is there in every phase of our journey. This book is so real; there is no way you can say, “This doesn’t work.” Maria’s transparency will give way to the healing of men and women alike. I highly recommend this book. 

Minster Katie Jenkins

I loved this book!  It was so heartfelt and honest.  It was so well written, I couldn’t stop reading it.  I loved the scriptures that related with each chapter....AWESOME!  I can’t wait for the next book.

Sharon Blake, 
Huntington Post Contributor

The King and I by Maria Drayton is an inspirational personal account of how God showed Maria that He is real! Her detailed testimony of how He revealed His presence in her life will leave you wanting to know and learn more!


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